You won't believe this

We have literally every major mayoral candidate but Christine Quinn on board to end the inhumane horse carriage industry in New York.

On Wednesday, Joe Lhota, the leading GOP candidate for NYC Mayor endorsed banning carriage horses in NYC.

So now it's clear. If we defeat Quinn, we also defeat the horse carriage industry. Chip in $5 right now and your donation will be matched 2-to-1.

You heard us right. The Republican candidate is more progressive on animal rights issues than the Democrat Christine Quinn.

In an interview with AM 970, Mr. Lhota said, "Quite honestly, there are ways to do this without horses. You can have carriages with motors if you want to see Central Park. The reality is we live in the 21st Century. Do we really need to have horses on the streets of New York?"

Mr. Lhota's endorsement comes just after our hugely successful mayoral forum where candidates Bill de Blasio, Bill Thompson and John Liu all publicly voiced serious concern for the horses and voiced their support for the Horseless Carriage Pilot Program.

We'll take Lhota's endorsement to end horse carriage abuse over animal-foe Christine Quinn any day. Now, we must defeat her. She's down 5-10 points in the latest polls -- help us keep her numbers going down!

A generous donor has offered to match donations up to $20,000 to end the horse abuse in New York. But this offer is only good until Memorial Day so we have to act fast!

We're more than half-way to our goal. Chip in $5 right now and your donation will be matched.

Remember, we have a one in 12 year opportunity to elect an animal friendly mayor. Chip in now to make sure we don’t lose this chance!

If we defeat Quinn, we also defeat the horse carriage industry

Give $5 or more to continue the momentum so we can stop Christine Quinn from becoming Mayor and end the inhumane horse carriage industry!



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