You go girl!

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — but in this case, we beg to differ! Mayor Bloomberg’s daughter, Georgina, is bravely standing up to her own anti-animal father in calling for an end to abusive horse drawn carriages.

“My heart is with the horses and I always want them to be kept in the best condition possible, which I don’t believe they are. Maybe the time has come for them to go," she said in The Wall Street Journal.

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It takes courage to do what’s right, especially when the person you're opposing is your own father. Georgina deserves to be applauded for her commitment to a humane New York City, but not everyone agrees.

Predictably, the carriage horse industry is making Georgina a target!

The carriage indsutry is now going after her —-- even though she's an expert horsewoman. It’s shameful and we need to let Georgina know we’ve got her back. That’s why we’re launching this petition today.

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"The government doesn't care about animals," she says, criticizing the Bloomberg administration's track record on animal issues.

We’re with you, Georgina. 

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