Where is Ceasar?

You may have heard about Ceasar, the missing 22 year old asthmatic NYC carriage horse.

His owner, Frank Luo, was busted by city officials for trying to pass off the sick, elderly horse as a healthy young horse named Carson in order to skirt regulations and force him to work the streets. When Luo's actions were discovered, he immediately dumped Ceasar on a farm in Pennsylvania. Ceasar disappeared from that farm, too, and is last thought to have been in Iowa, a common transfer point to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.

We weren't willing to let this awful situation drop, so we hired a private investigator to search for Ceasar these last few weeks. Sadly, his whereabouts are still unknown, but we're doing everything we can to uncover more information. And you can help by sharing Ceasar's story.

We've launched www.WhereIsCeasar.com. The new site is full of content that you can share on Facebook and Twitter using #WhereIsCeasar to raise awareness about the abuse and disposal of NYC carriage horses. (Just click the arrow next to each meme to share.)

Will you check out www.WhereIsCeasar.com and share it with your friends? Help us compel the media to pay attention!


Thanks for helping us draw attention to this awful situation. NYC's carriage horses are counting on us, and until they can all retire to pastures peacefully, we can't rest. 

Don't forget to visit www.WhereIsCeasar.com and tell all of your friends the story of Ceasar.

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