What a year!

In 2013, NYCLASS made history by making animal protection a part of mainstream political conversation in NYC. We mobilized humane voters and elected the first pro-animal Mayor in the country and dozens of pro-animal City Council Members.

And in 2014, we’re going to end the inhumane carriage horse industry, retire the horses to loving homes, and advance a real pro-animal agenda in City Hall. That’s why now is the time to gear up and start building momentum for next year where we’ve created a real chance to advance our agenda.

We’re setting an ambitious goal to raise $15,000 by the end of December. Can you make a contribution for as little as $5 or more to make that happen?

When we took down Quinn, we did what no one thought was possible and proved that animal advocates deserved a seat (or paw) at the decision-making table. Now we have 39 seats in City Hall, and the biggest seat of all -- the Mayor's office.

And in order to keep it, we have to strive to build a bigger, stronger coalition that’ll advance the cause of creating an animal friendly New York City. At no point in the history of this movement have we had a better chance of making that happen than we do right now.

Give $5 or more toward our $15,000 goal before time runs out this month >>

No one thought the “cat ladies” of NYC could be an effective force in local politics.

But you proved them wrong.

Let’s do it again. One more time in 2014.

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