Weiner is in

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These past few months have been a whirlwind for us. Together, with the support of our donors and amazing volunteers, we have successfully made animal rights a defining issue in the New York mayoral election. This is groundbreaking for the movement.

And major new broke this week when Anthony Weiner announced he would enter the mayoral race as well.

Remember, to get the horses off the streets, we must elect a mayor who cares about animals.

Whether Weiner will stand up against the inhumane horse carriage industry remains to be seen—but having another high profile candidate in the race will certainly be bad news for animal-foe Christine Quinn.

We need your help to keep horse carriage abuse as a defining issue in this mayoral race.

Help us reach our goal and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to match donations up to $20,000. With just 7 days to go, click here to chip in $5 today.  


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