Two Victories!

What a momentous week it's been -- great news to report on two urgent matters to stop horse carriages in NYC:

1.) The City of New York revoked the license of an abusive carriage driver, Salverio Colarusso, who forced Blondie the carriage horse to work while severely injured -- and fined the driver $3000. SLAM!


2.) State Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver successfully halted efforts by carriage industry hacks who tried to pass legislation that would have allowed abusive carriage drivers to continue working. BOOM!

We're gaining more and more traction, but we've got to keep up the pressure on the City Council to pass legislation to retire the horses. Will you contact your City Council Member today and voice your support for driving the carriage horse industry out of town once and for all?

Please take 10 seconds to message your City Council Member here:

Thank you for being a horse hero,


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