Third Carriage Horse Collapses In NYC

This is getting ridiculous.

10 November 2011


This is getting ridiculous.

A THIRD carriage horse has collapsed in New York City.

Lea Michele tweeted:

"A 3rd horse collapses in NYC!!! Are you kidding me!! I'm so sad… @peta @ChoMatic @PamelaDAnderson we have to end this now."

We're sad too. Those poor horses.

PETA said:

"If it seems like just last week that Mayor Bloomberg was callously dismissing the death of a horse used for New York’s infamous carriage rides, that’s because it was.

And in the days since Bloomberg made unintentionally ironic comments like '[they] probably wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t have a job' (talk about a catch 22), there have been two more horse-drawn carriage 'accidents.' (Although what else can be expected when sensitive, easily frightened horses are forced to work 10-hour days in all weather extremes on New York City’s crowded streets?)

The most recent incident happened during Friday’s rush hour when a horse fell down in the middle of the busy street. Witnesses said the horse either collapsed on his own or because his leg became caught in the carriage when he bucked."

U should go sign the petition to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC: HERE.




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