They were speaking to YOU

Last week we hosted NYCLASS' first ever Mayoral forum on animal rights.

And it was a HUGE success. With over 250 animal lovers packing the room, four Democratic hopefuls and one Republican spoke to the room to vie for your vote.

That's right, they were speaking to YOU.

Because for the first time in history, animal rights could sway the New York mayoral election. And we couldn't have pulled it off without the funding our supporters provide.

A generous donor has offered to match donations up to $20,000 to end the horse abuse in New York. But this offer is only good until Memorial Day so we have to act fast. Chip in $5 right now and your donation will be matched.

So successful was our mayoral forum, that it received ample coverage in all the major New York publications including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and NY Daily News.

The press is taking notice, the people of New York are taking notice, but one person who didn't think the concerns of 110,000 members of NYCLASS was worth addressing is animal-foe Christine Quinn.

Let's show her just how powerful our voices can be.

We're less than $5,000 from our goal! But with a deadline of Memorial Day, there's not much time left to get your donation matched! Donate $5 now so we can keep making animal rights a priority in this election.

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