A new City Council bill sponsored by Councilmember Robert Holden, will replace horse carriages with modern electric carriages. In addition to reducing horse deaths and making Manhattan streets safer for everyone, the legislation will also provide better jobs for drivers. 

➡️New Yorkers: FIND YOUR NYC COUNCIL MEMBER HERE TO make one quick call/email, to ask them to "Sign on as a co-sponsor to Intro 573 to replace suffering, dying carriage horses with cruelty-free electric carriages." Make sure you tell them that you live in their district!  

➡️If you do not live in NYC, please call NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams at 718-206-2068 and 212-788-7210 or email at [email protected] and ask her to "Use her power as head of the NYC Council to "END horse abuse by advancing and passing Intro 573 to replace deadly, unsafe horse carriages with cruelty-free electric carriages"

Additional talking points for City Council: "When horses are forced to pull carriages on the busy streets of Manhattan, violent crashes and horse deaths will keep happening over and over again. Electric carriages don’t get spooked or drop dead- but 2,000 pound terrified horses in cities do - endangering themselves, carriage drivers, and everyone else around them. Ryder's long-term neglect and abuse leading to his collapse August 10 is another wake up call for the City Council and Mayor to end this madness and bring New York in line with other global cities by shifting to abuse-free, electric-powered alternatives that ensure safer streets and provide drivers with better paying jobs." This is long, long overdue. Help us make history in 2022

 A sick, malnourished carriage horse named Ryder collapsed in Midtown August 10, and and suffered on the hot asphalt for over an hour with no veterinary care, as NYPD officers desperately hosed him off and covered him in ice until he was able to stand up. The horse's driver and owner, Ian Mckeever forced Ryder to pull a carriage while clearly sick and suffering, and was filmed cruelly whipping and hitting Ryder while he was down, to the outrage of onlookers. We held a rally at the District Attorney's office with witnesses who came forward to reveal that they saw Ryder struggling to walk, collapsing to his knees and being hit and screamed at by his owner HOURS before he collapsed!

The NY Post published pictures revealing Ryder's alarming condition after his collapse - he is malnourished, covered in wounds, and clearly suffering from long-term neglect and likely criminal animal cruelty. We are calling on the Manhattan District Attorney and the NYPD to investigate criminal animal abuse charges. Ryder needs immediate help and to be released from his abusers. 

Ryder Photo: NY Post

Please DONATE any amount you can HERE to fuel our fight to REMOVE abused horses from NYC!

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