Steps by SeaWorld and Ringling Bros Highlight Failure of NYC Council To Protect Carriage Horses

NEW YORK – Allie Feldman, Executive Director of NYCLASS, today released the following statement regarding SeaWorld’s decision to stop exploiting killer whales for entertainment. SeaWorld’s decision comes after Ringling Bros. announced that they would end the cruel use of elephants in their shows.

“SeaWorld’s decision to stop killer whale shows and end their captive breeding is a small step in the right direction. But let’s be clear: no one should be satisfied by SeaWorld finally doing what they should have done years ago. The reality is that SeaWorld continues to teach children that captive animals are here for their amusement. It’s wrong and the entire industry should still be ashamed of itself. 

“We have now seen both Ringling Bros. circus and SeaWorld take small steps in the right direction, which only highlights the failures of the City Council to take its own steps toward removing carriage horses from New York’s dangerous city streets.  So while we are pleased with this progress, the fight for animal rights on all fronts continues.” 



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