Stop Horse Abuse: Co-sign Chelsea's Letter to Mayor Bloomberg!

Dear Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 

Animal advocacy group NYCLASS is working to replace the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park with a safer alternative that doesn't smell bad: eco-friendly, 21st century horseless carriages. These green cars will be authentic turn-of-the-century replicas that will promote NYC tourism, save jobs and keep the horses out of harm's way. 

As if they weren't fabulous enough, they also get a 10 - 12 hour drive on just one charge -- even my vibrator doesn't do that.

NYCLASS is working to get a prototype of the car made this year and my contribution is going to help pay for building it. If I didn't have a wildly successful career in television and entertainment, I'd be chomping at the bit to work full time on getting this car built. 

I hope you'll support City Council Intro.86A, which phases out horse carriages & replaces them with this humane alternative. 

Chelsea Handler

Will you sign?