Save Greenwood Lake Swans!


We need your quick help to save two beautiful mute swan families living on the 9-mile Greenwood Lake in Passaic County, New Jersey, and time is running out to save them. People on jet skis have been reportedly harassing the swans for years, according to residents and wildlife advocates, yet police took no action. 

This article published yesterday details that police are finally investigating reports of jet skiers intentionally trying to harm the swans on the lake. 

When swans are threatened in this way by humans, they act defensively to protect their families, as any good parents would. The adult swans would fly after jet skiers who came too close to keep them away. The obvious solution is for the jet skiers to simply stop harassing the swans and getting too close to their families, and leave them alone in peace. 

Due to the surge of visitors to Greenwood Lake this summer, the incidents are happening more often. Greenwood Lake authorities called in the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which called in USDA’s infamous Wildlife Services, which will kill the swans. Currently, area residents are protesting near the swans’ home on the lake to save their lives. 

Time is short. Greenwood Lake Commission can and should cancel its request. Congressman Josh Gottheimer can demand that the federal agency stand back. The solution is simple: It is the end of the season, the jet skiers will go away. Volunteers and others can implement non-lethal approaches.  

We must learn to co-exist with the other species we share the planet with. Kill, kill, kill cannot be the way we handle conflicts with wildlife that we created in the first place.

You can help save these swan families by making two quick phone calls or sending two quick emails to the officials who can SAVE these swans!




Eric Pain, Greenwood Lake Commission:

Phone: 973.962.2241

Email: [email protected]

Ask Mr. Pain to cancel the Greenwood Lake Commission's request to assess the swans. 

No USDA killing! 

Volunteers and others can implement non-lethal approaches.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer:

Glen Rock Office: 201.389.1100 (9 a.m.- 5 p.m.)

Washington, D.C.: 202. 225.4465

Email: [email protected]

Ask Representative Gottheimer to demand that the USDA stand back.

Tell him that you do not want the swans harmed. 

Allow non-lethal approaches and the proper law enforcement to be put into place.


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