Reporting Animal Abuse in NYC

The NYPD handles all animal cruelty cases. If you witness cruelty or neglect of carriage horses (or any animal) in progress, please call 911 to report it immediately. 

If you suspect ongoing cruelty or neglect, please call 311 to report it.

The NYPD is responsible for oversight of the carriage horses. They rely on concerned citizens to report incidents or issues with the care and conditions of NYC's carriage horses that they may witness. The following tips will help you report suspected carriage horse problems:

  • The two most important pieces of information to provide are the time of the incident and the carriage license plate, a 4-digit number located on the back of the carriage. 
  • It is very helpful to include other information such as color of horse, color of carriage, location of incident and hoof brand number of horse when possible. 

Carriage horses are not permitted to work when the temperature is below 18 degrees or above 90 degrees. Watch for updates on our Facebook page and Twitter feed when carriage horses are suspended due to weather!

Click here to download and print flyers letting people know how to report accidents and abuse. Post them in your office, vet office, laundromat, apartment building, etc.