Raising the Stakes


 Late Wednesday night, we hit our $20,000 goal! And our anonymous donor has raised the stakes. If we hit $25,000 by MIDNIGHT tonight, he’ll double the extra $5,000 as well. Just like that, $50,000 for the horses.

$50,000 to train and feed volunteers. 
 to buy rally signs and billboards. 
$50,000 to educate the tourists and run anti-cruelty ads on street kiosks.
$50,000 to lobby elected officials for humane legislation.

Have you put in your $10 yet? It can be $20. There is still time - do it now!

Your $10 and your neigh-bor’s $10. They pile up quickly. And we have just $3,743 to go.

That’s you and 373 of our friends. And our big contributor, our anonymous donor? He’s putting in a dollar for EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOURS.

The countdown is on – we have less than 12 hours to go. We can do this! Put your $10 in now and make it $20 for the horses.

And as always, thanks for being a Horse Hero!



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