Puppies, not profits!

Everyday, thousands of dogs are bred in cruel and unsanitary conditions in puppy mills. Abused and neglected, these poor animals are forced to live in tiny wire-floored cages that are stacked on top of each others. What’s worse? New York state law doesn’t let local governments regulate puppy mills! That makes life even worse for these poor animals.

Puppy mills are sick and inhumane. Breeding is performed without consideration of genetics which makes these dogs prone to conditions like epilepsy, heart disease, and deafness. This bill will cut down on puppy mill abuse, and it has a real chance to pass. 

Help NYCLASS and other groups improve life for these puppies! Contact your local rep today and tell them to support stronger local regulations on puppy mills >>

Thank you for getting political for animals. You rock!


P.S. Don't waste any time. We have a chance to save thousands of puppies. Act now >>

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