MEDIA ADVISORY: 'Horse Switch' Stable Will Be Protested By NYCLASS & PETA Members, Asking 'Where's The Sick Horse?'

WHAT: Protestors will converge on Midtown’s Clinton Park Stable in response to news that a carriage driver falsified records to force a horse named Caesar to work into old age despite serious respiratory problems. The driver, whose history also includes a dangerous horse carriage accident last fall and citations for overcharging riders, allegedly switched hoof identification to trick the Department of Health into thinking 22 year-old Caesar was a 12 year-old buck to allow him to keep pounding the pavement in traffic. NYCLASS and PETA members will demand to know where ailing Caesar is now and why the driver is being allowed to continue working other horses. 

“Falsifying records to force an old, asthma-stricken horse to work shows the drivers have no regard for the law and no common decency,” says PETA VP Dan Mathews. “This is yet another example of why Mayor de Blasio is right about ending this shady business.” 

Another driver was in court this morning on charges of animal cruelty for working an injured horse Blondie.

WHEN: Friday, May 2, 1:00 pm
WHERE: Clinton Park Stables, 618 W. 52nd St.
Media Contact:
John Eddy, Goldin Solutions
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