Take a Discounted Pedicab Tour of Central Park!

Pedicabs are a cruelty-free alternative to taking a horse carriage ride.

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An image of tourists taking Pedicabs in Central Park in New York

Receive a $20 discount on a Pedicab tour of Central Park when you show this coupon. *This offer is redeemable only at the pedicabs located by the Citibike stand at the 6th Avenue and 59th Street entrance to Central Park.


Benefits of Taking a Pedicab:

The best sightseeing in Central Park

Cruelty-free - Pulled by willing guides

Historical and factual tours


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Carriage Horse Rides can be abusive and dangerous.

New York's carriage horses suffer severe neglect, abuse, often crash into cars, spook and run out of control, and collapse on city streets. Carriage passengers have been seriously injured in these crashes. Forcing horses into traffic guarantees more tragedies. Carriage horses are worked to death and sent to slaughter. 


Take a cruelty-free Pedicab at a discounted rate!

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