One More Task

Elect a humane Mayor of New York City. Check!

Elect a humane Speaker of the New York City Council. Check!

Shift the overall balance of the NYC Council. Check!

That’s what we’ve accomplished so far — but there’s one big item left to finally end the inhumane carriage horse industry in NYC: pass the bill! Sign our petition demanding the City Council pass a bill to end the carriage horse industry for good >>

All we need is a bill passed and Mayor Bill de Blasio will sign it into law. Add in Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito’s help, and we can finally make this happen, but only if we can demonstrate to ALL of the members of the City Council that there is a groundswell to pass this bill. 

Anti-animal organizations like the Calvary Group (who have been hired by the carriage horse industry) are spreading lies and misinformation in a desperate attempt to stop us. That's why our Council Members need to hear from humane voters like us through this petition — so they know we're still holding them accountable for the inhumane treatment of our city's animals.

Add your name to the chorus demanding the City Council act NOW >>

Every single day, carriage horses are being abused on the streets of NYC — horses like Blondie, who was forced to work with an agonizing injury for four days before the NYPD was notified and arrested the driver for animal cruelty.

We can get these horses off the streets and into loving adoption homes if we show the City Council we STILL mean business.

So, sign the petition then forward this email on to five of your friends and family.

Thanks for being a Horse Hero,

Chelsie Schadt

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