NYCLASS Releases Candidate Scorecard on Animal Protection Issues

Where do the Mayoral candidates stand on our issues?

September 4, 2013
Chelsea Connor, Director of Communications
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NYCLASS Publishes “Humane Scorecard” of Candidate Positions on Animal Protection

(New York, NY) –Today, NYCLASS revealed it’s 2013 Humane Scorecard showing where each of the Mayoral candidates stands on various animal protection issues. The “Humane Scorecard” includes issues such requiring fire sprinklers in pet stores and building animal shelters in the Bronx and Queens. While her opponents received approving check marks on each issue, Speaker Quinn failed in every single category.

“This scorecard makes perfectly clear to voters that Speaker Christine Quinn is no friend of animals,” Allie Feldman, Executive Director of NYCLASS said. “Her record on the Council speaks for itself. Throughout her entire tenure, every single meaningful bill calling for the humane treatment of animals was precluded from a Council body vote. I hope this scorecard helps New Yorkers see who Speaker Quinn really is and convinces them to elect a Mayor that will fight for animal protection.”


More About NYCLASS:

NYCLASS is an animal advocacy organization committed to ending the inhumane practices of the NYC carriage horse industry. NYCLASS advocates for retiring the carriage horses to sanctuary, while modernizing the current industry with a clean and safe alternative to this outdated tradition - the 21st Century Horseless Carriage. NYCLASS also advocates for many other NYC animal issues such as protecting a senior citizen's right to have a companion pet, mandating pet stores install fire sprinklers, protecting animals used in entertainment and reforming the city's animal shelter system. Founded in 2008 by a coalition of prominent animal lovers and business leaders, NYCLASS has grown to over 110,000 supporters with activist chapters in all five boroughs. For more information about NYCLASS please visit

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