NYCLASS & PETA Members Protest at Site of Wednesday's Horse Carriage Accident

Topic: Wednesday's Bus vs. Horse Incident 

Press Contact:¬†Mollie Fitzgerald, [email protected], 513-600-9245

Time: Thursday, April 24, 1:00 pm

Location: Central Park South, west of 5th Ave (across from Plaza Hotel)

Eyewitness description, from an urgent email sent to PETA & NYCLASS:

"I was in town visiting from Oklahoma when I witnessed one of the worst animal cruelty incidents I have seen in a long time. A bus drove very close to a horse and spooked it (rightfully so, I was also scared of how close the busses were to us). The horse bucked and started to run when it's carriage went of the curb and pinned the animal to the ground. (See picture) The men (if that's what we want to call them) proceeded to hold the horse down and save their carriage (yes carriage, not horse) from further damage. One man suggested cutting the carriage and the other said no because it would come out of his pocket (he clearly had one concern, of which the horse was not). To top off the whole event, the men proceed to strap the horse back into harnesses and continue to work even though he was clearly limping and hurt!!! (I have video). Please help!!! I'm an attorney in Oklahoma so I will do what I can from there!!!"


Horse Accident

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