NYC Fur Ban Bill--Help Pass It Into Law!

A historic bill to BAN the sale of FUR in New York City was recently introduced into the New York City Council, put forth by Council Speaker Corey Johnson, and City Council Members Mark Levine, Fernando Cabrera, Justin Brannan, Helen Rosenthal, Robert Holden and Brad Lander. Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities have already banned the sale of cruel fur, now we have the chance to do the same in one of the most important fashion capitals of the world!

The fur industry is fighting this bill fiercely, so we need all of your help to ensure it can pass. Millions of animals including coyotes, foxes, rabbits and even cats and dogs suffer in anguish, caught in excruciating steel leg-hold traps, and then bludgeoned to death or killed and skinned on brutal fur farms, all to produce something that has been on the way out for a long time. Many top designers and retailers have already gone fur-free and technologies already exist to produce eco-friendly faux-fur. There is simply no excuse to buy or wear real fur if you care about animals.

The bill is currently in the City Council's Committee on Consumer Affairs and Business Licensing. In order to be voted on by the full Council and passed, it must first pass out of this Committee. Please email and/or call these Committee Members and ask them to support the Fur Ban Bill, Intro 1476.

The Council Members all use Twitter often---please also tweet in support of the Fur Ban Bill to these Committee members!

Here are the Committee members' Twitter accounts:


If you live in NYC:

As a resident of NYC and an animal lover, I am thrilled that a ban on fur sales has been introduced. I strongly urge @RLEspinal, @CM_MargaretChin, @bradlander, @CMKoslowitz, @KeithPowersNYC, @JustinBrannan to support Intro 1476. Fur is violence to animals! #FurFreeNYC

If you don't live in NYC:

I love #NYC and I love animals. It's time for NYC to join other cities in banning fur. I strongly urge @RLEspinal @CM_MargaretChin @bradlander @CMKoslowitz, @KeithPowersNYC, @JustinBrannan to support the ban on fur sales in NYC-Intro 1476. Fur is cruel! #FurFreeNYC


After you contact the members of the Consumer Affairs Committee, please make a quick call to your own Council Member, and urge them to support Intro 1476, the ban on the sale of fur. Be sure to tell them you live in the district.  Find your Council Member here:



For the animals,

Edita Birnkrant,

Executive Director, NYCLASS

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