URGENT Rally to Replace Horse Carriages With Electric Carriages!

BREAKING NEWS: Join NYCLASS, PETA, elected officials, a whistleblower veterinarian, and New Yorkers on the outdoor steps of City Hall on Thursday, July 14th at 12pm for a rally and MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT about phasing out cruel, unsafe 19th Century horse carriages in NYC! 


There will be additional special guests speaking about our plan to get abused carriage horses OFF New York streets for good, but we need YOUR presence to make it powerful!

Please stand with us on July 14th to send a strong message to the media, NYC Council and Mayor that 2022 is the year to END carriage horse abuse and bring NYC into the 21st Century! 

We want a HUGE turnout for this event, so please invite friends! Posters will be provided.

*Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to go through security at City Hall. The location is City Hall in downtown Manhattan, at 260 Broadway, on the outside steps.


We urgently need NYC residents to make one quick call (or email) to your NYC Council Member, and ask them to "sign on as a co-sponsor and vote for legislation to replace suffering carriage horses with cruelty-free electric carriages." Make sure you tell them that you live in their district!  

If you do not live in NYC, please call NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams at 718-206-2068 or email at [email protected] and ask her to use her power as head of the Council to "END this abuse by fast-tracking legislation to remove horses from NYC streets and replace them with cruelty-free electric carriages!"

Additional talking points for City Council: When horses are forced to pull carriages on the busy streets of Manhattan, violent crashes will keep happening over and over again. Electric carriages don’t get spooked - but 2,000 pound terrified horses in cities do - endangering themselves, carriage drivers, and everyone else around them. The latest horrific horse crash on June 14 was another wake up call for the City Council and Mayor to end this madness and bring New York in line with other global cities by shifting to abuse-free, electric-powered alternatives that ensure safer streets and provide drivers with better paying jobs.

This is long, long overdue.  Join us July 14th to make it a reality! 


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