New York Times FRONT PAGE!

Did you see The New York Times Saturday morning?! WE MADE THE FRONT PAGE! They wrote an entire article about how animal rights are a major force in this year's mayoral election. And you know what? That's because of us. We are making a difference. And it could be THE difference in the mayor's race.

We were just approached by a generous donor who saw the splash we are making and offered us a challenge:

Raise $20,000, and he'll match it. Just like that, $40,000 to end the horse abuse in New York! Start us off now by kicking in a few bucks -- even just $5, $10 or $15 will get us rolling. 

Our new campaign to elect an animal-friendly mayor, aka our "Anybody But Quinn" coaliltion, is making a difference already this week. With just a week of a TV commecials under our belt, Christine Quinn's polling numbers have dropped FIVE POINTS. The momentum we've been building all year is not only growing, but starting to pay off.

Keep us moving! Help us secure a $20,000 matching gift from our anonymous donor-- chip in your $5, $10 or even $15 now!

Animal rights are now a major player in the NYC Mayor's race. Our time has come, Horse Heroes! 

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