NEW TV AD: Edie Falco Calls for BAN on Horse Carriages!

BREAKING NEWS: Emmy Award-winning actress Edie Falco teams up with NYCLASS to call for a BAN on New York's cruel and deadly carriage horses in our powerful new TV ad campaign that launches today and airs for three weeks on NY1, CNN, Animal Planet, National Geographic, MSNBC, and more stations! Watch the ad HERE.
The New York Post published this article announcing Edie Falco and NYCLASS's call to action for NYC Council and Mayor Bill de Blasio to BAN carriage horses before the end of the year.

The ads, which display harrowing footage of recent gut-wrenching horse incidents on NYC streets show exactly why it is absolute madness that horses are still pulling carriages through the streets of midtown Manhattan. It’s 2021, not 1821. It’s long overdue for city leaders to ban carriage horses and end this abuse once and for all, as most other large cities have already done.

TAKE ACTION by calling or emailing NYC Council and asking them to fast-track legislation to BAN cruel and deadly horse carriages! Find NYC Council Members here. 

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TV ad script narrated by Edie Falco:

 "New York is back – and so is the abuse of carriage horses.

Please don’t look away.

Why are horses still pulling carriages in traffic?

Sick and injured, worked to death, violent crashes…

These animals feel pain, they feel terror, they bleed just like we do.

This is Edie Falco asking you to please take action.

Call your NYC Council Member: tell them to ban carriage horses in 2021."

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