NYCLASS on Montreal’s Horse Carriage Ban: “Their action only further highlights New York City’s inaction”

Lists specific steps Mayor de Blasio can take to protect horses without legislation


May 18, 2016

Contact: John Collins, 212-681-1380 [email protected] 

NEW YORK – NYCLASS today hailed Montreal’s decision to place a one-year-ban on horse carriages and said the announcement raised a basic question for New York City officials: Where is the leadership?

NYCLASS Executive Director Allie Taylor said, “Mayor Coderre of Montreal did exactly the right thing by placing a one year ban on horse carriages, joining cities such as San Juan and Mumbai in curbing this abusive industry. But their action only further highlights New York City’s inaction. We live in the greatest city in the world, and yet the Mayor sits silently while horses live and work in dangerous traffic. Even without legislation, Mayor de Blasio could take tangible steps, including enforcing existing laws to give tickets for running red lights, cracking down on illegal U-Turns by carriages and restricting horses to operate only in Central Park instead of dangerous Times Square, that would dramatically improve the quality of life of horses immediately. Today is a great day for everyone in Montreal – two-legged and four-legged – and another reminder of the work we need to do in New York.”


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