Ask Melissa Mark-Viverito: why are you allowing horses to suffer?

The City Council announced that they will not be voting to move carriage horses off dangerous city streets. The Speaker’s decision to continue to place carriage horses in harm’s way is outrageous and wrong. Let’s be clear about what this cold-hearted delay means – horses will continue their miserable nose-to-tailpipe existence, horses will continue to be hit and killed by city traffic, horses will continue to work until they are the equivalent of 80-years-old, and horses will continue to be sold to slaughter.

We have a sensible plan to protect the horses, and it deserves a vote. But instead the Speaker is allowing the Teamsters to call the shots and allow the horses to suffer. We will never stop fighting to improve the lives of these horses, and will only increase our efforts until the horses win.

Ask Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito: why are you allowing horses to suffer?

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