Miley And Tish Cyrus Help NYC Carriage Horses

Miley Cyrus and her mama Tish are both animal lovers.

20 March 2013

Miley Cyrus and her mama Tish are both animal lovers.

So of course they just had to speak up for New York City's carriage horses.

Miley tweeted: NYC is just 761 signatures shy of 100,000 petition goal to ! Sign @NYCLASS petition at

After that tweet, the petition rose by well over 3,000 signatures!!

Miley's mama Tish said: I cannot believe this! I keep watching the numbers grow on the website! This is incredible!

Miley also said: You all made my mama and all the horses so happy :) my fans really do come in handy xx

The petition was all about trying to get NYC to retire their carriage horses.

Way to help the horses, you two!

They want to replace the horses with electric vintage-replica tour cars.

C'mon, NYC! Retire those horsies!!




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