Middle Finger

This photo was taken by a stunned New Yorker during last week's brutal heat wave. The woman was giving her visiting friends an evening tour of the city, when she came upon a carriage horse that appeared to be breathing heavily. She calmly asked the carriage driver if the horse needed assistance.

The carriage driver's reaction? He began cursing, yelling and repeatedly "flipped her the bird" -- all because she dared to show compassion and concern for the horse. If this is how he treats humans, imagine how he treats the horses!

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This is not the way NYC should be represented — especially to our visitors. The carriage horse industry is a stain on this city and we have the power to fix it -- by electing humane candidates that will work with us to end the abusive industry and bring in cruelty-free options for tourists. Will you help us make that happen?

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The driver's rude gesture is a sign of desperation by an industry clinging to an outdated and inhumane "tradition". They represent old NYC. We represent the future. 

Help us get there for the horses.


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