It's happening

Tomorrow, all of our hard work from the last year comes to fruition. Humane voters like you will make history by electing the first ever pro-animal Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and dozens of animal-friendly City Council Members. 

If we show our paw power at the polls tomorrow, we’ll finally be in position to end the abuse of carriage horses and fix our city's animal shelter system. 

Get out and vote Tues, Nov 5! Visit our Humane Voter Election Center to find your polling place, see our endorsements for your district, then forward this to 5 friends.

If you want the kind of city that doesn’t abuse carriage horses, get your tail to the polls tomorrow and vote for the candidates who have earned our hoof print of approval. If you want the kind of city that treats all New Yorkers - two legged and four legged - with respect, then you need to make sure your friends, family, and neighbors vote, too!

Double-check your polling place and NYCLASS' list of humane candidates here >>

We also need volunteers. Will you sign up in the final 24 hours to help out?

Yes, I can volunteer to phone bank >>

Sorry, I can’t volunteer, but I’d be happy to make a contribution >>

Thanks for everything you've done to build our humane voting bloc. I can't wait to make history with you tomorrow on Election Day.

-Daniela Knoppik
Field Organizer

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