Inching Closer

We are in motion, and things are kicking into high gear! Our latest news? We have not one, but TWO new City Council members that have signed on to our legislation to stop horse abuse.

Councilwoman Helen Foster from District 16 and Councilman Andy King from District 12, both in the Bronx, have co-sponsored Intro 86-A, our landmark legislation to replace the carriage horses with electric cars.  

We are also just 1091 signatures away from hitting 100,000th petitioners calling for a ban on New York City carriage horses! That’s just about one percent, and we know we can hit it in the next week!

In honor of our TWO NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS, will you help us reach 100,000 petition signatures? Tell just 5 of your friends now and watch our thermometer rise!

How fast can we do it? If we all pitch in, sooner than you think! As you all well know, this a numbers game. We hit 100,000 signatures and show, yet again, that we are a force to be reckoned with in New York and beyond, an all- important message for politicians to internalize for this Fall’s elections.

Help us find 1091 more petition signatures in record pace –Get the word out any way you can! Click here to post on Twitter andFacebook effortlessly.

As always, our supporters are what make our success possible. YOU helped make this happen, from snagging two new Council Members to coming so close to our 100,000th petition signature.

Thanks for being Horse Heroes!

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