Meet the Cruelty-Free Electric Horseless eCarriage

Our idea for NYC tourism -- that doesn't use and abuse animals.


The brass Horseless eCarriage made its debut at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. Go here or here for more photos.

Phasing out the use of horse carriages and replacing them with 21st Century "Horseless eCarriage" for current carriage drivers is one possible solution that will preserve employment for everyone in the industry.  No one is losing a job -- they are simply moving to a modern, humane alternative.

Adoption homes will be offered to all 200 carriage horses, provided by NYCLASS, ASPCA, HSUS and numerous organizations and individuals. No horse will be sent to slaughter.

There are viable alternatives to NYC horse drawn carriages that will avoid the safety and quality of life issues currently faced by New York City's residents and its horses. In partnership with the ASPCA, NYCLASS commissioned The Creative Workshop in Dania Beach, Florida to design and create a fully electric, vintage-replica vehicle prototype to replace the horse drawn carriages. These electric cars can provide rides for tourists, offer jobs to workers currently in the horse carriage industry with the potential for higher wages, and maintain the historic and romantic feel of the tours.  

Important Facts about the Horseless eCarriage

  • The Horseless eCarriage meets all existing US DOT requirements mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), including seat belts, brake systems and other crash protections, which are not possible in a horse drawn carriage. Read more about the safety features here.
  • Authentically styled and constructed to replicate turn of the century cars with a target build date of 1909. 
  • Ergonomic body design provides comfortable and safe 8 passenger seating. 
  • Cars will be propelled solely by electric power. Lithium-ion batteries provide cutting edge, clean energy. 
  • Raised "stadium" seating, "parasol" convertible top and lowered driver cockpit area provide 360degree viewing. 
  • All-weather driving: Heated seats and roll down clear sides provide comfort in cold weather, snow or rain. 
  • Suspension and steering designed to provide authentic "turn of the century" drive experience. 
  • Up to 10 hours of drive time per charge. 
  • Cars will each be personalized to create a palette of unique and aesthetically pleasing cars. 
  • Regenerative deceleration charges batteries whenever car is slowing down. 
  • Cars can offer tours while cruising at 5mph, and will be able to keep up with city traffic on the street with speeds up to 30 mph.
  • The 21st Century Horseless eCarriage can be manufactured locally in one of the five boroughs, creating jobs and bringing a new industry to the city. 
  • Potential to offer trips beyond Manhattan -- bringing tourism to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.


The eco-friendly replicas will substantially increase revenue for New York City, encourage tourism and be completely cruelty-free. The e-Carriage will put a spotlight on New York City as the leader in urban ecotourism, creating a unique and memorable experience for visitors from all corners of the world. If there's any question about the inhumanity and of forcing carriage horses to work in dangerous NYC traffic, why not transition to the kind alternative?


Click HERE to ask your City Council Member to support this win-win solution for all.