Horse carriage flips near Columbus Circle

A horse-drawn carriage flipped during an accident near Columbus Circle Thursday morning. - See more at:

Lisa Ford, 18, was walking down 59th Street near Eighth Avenue when she said a horse pulling a carriage dropped to the street “and would not get up.”

“The man driving the cart jumped out and began yelling at him,” Ford said. “The horse then started kicking and breaking apart the carriage.”

The fire department was told of the accident at 10:15 a.m., a spokesman said.

Ford said firefighters tried to control the horse “but he was very hostile.”

“He began kicking around because his leg got stuck and the firefighters helped him get free,” she said. “The owner of the cart didn’t want to cut him free even though his cart was already broken apart but he had no choice.”


A spokesman said firefighters had the accident cleared up in about 40 minutes and that no one was injured.

“The horse is back at the stable waiting for the vet,” said Stephen Malone, president of the Horse and Carriage Association of NYC, about an hour after the accident.

NYCLASS, a pro-animal political group staunchly against horse carriages, dispatched volunteers to the scene to take videos and witness accounts.

The group’s executive director, Allie Feldman, said the incident showed why the horse carriage industry “needs to go.”

“It’s just a matter of time before someone will get hurt or killed,” she said.

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