Make One Call for Healthy School Food!

We need YOUR help today with one quick phone call to ensure that every child has access to healthy meals at school. For many students, this means that schools need to provide plant-based meal options. But right now, very few plant-based entrees are available in our public schools because of policy and financial barriers that schools face. Kids who prefer or require plant-based options for religious, philosophical, health or other reasons are left with no options in their cafeterias. Students of color disproportionately rely on school meals as a primary source of nutrition, so ensuring plant-based options are available is crucial for equity. 

Fortunately, Representatives Velázquez and Bowman introduced legislation this year that will help school districts meet the increasing demand for plant-based school meals. The Healthy Future Students and Earth Act will provide grants to school districts to help them offer plant-based meal options.


Call your Member of Congress: Dial 1-833-394-7290 and enter your zip code to be connected to your Member of Congress. Then leave a message letting them know you are a constituent and asking them to “Cosponsor H.R.4108, the Healthy Future Students and Earth Act.” Feel free to personalize your message with the reasons why you want to see more plant-based options in schools!

Tell your U.S. Representative: Expand access to healthy, plant-based options at schools!

Students across the country have been taking their climate activism to the cafeteria. They’re asking for plant-based options, which tend to have a lower carbon footprint. But school districts working on a tight budget struggle to provide these options, partly because government subsidies favor industrially produced animal products. A recent study found that only 4% of entrees on California menus are plant-based – and most of those were nut butter and jelly.

This first-of-its-kind legislation will provide much-needed financial support, culinary training, and other assistance to school districts to meet the growing demand for plant-based options.

Tell your Member of Congress: Cosponsor the Healthy Future Students and Earth Act!

Plant-based foods aren’t just good for the environment – they’re also good for our health (and the health of the animals!) Increasing consumption of plant-based foods can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and protect against certain forms of cancer and other diseases.

Providing healthy, culturally appropriate meals is also a crucial point of intervention to mitigate racial health disparities, which emerge early in life. Healthy, plant-forward diets can also boost academic performance and address educational inequities.

Call your Representative: Ask them to stand up for health equity in our school meal program!

As we speak, Congress is working to upgrade the school meal program for the first time in a decade. But unless they hear from you, they won’t prioritize funding for plant-based school food.  Please make one quick phone call today by dialing 1-833-394-7290 to ensure a healthier world for all!


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