Good News for NYC Carriage Horses

Happy New Year!  We are excited to start out 2019  with some good news for the over 200 New York City carriage horses. The NYC Department of Transportation has officially issued final adopted rules to relocate the carriage horse boarding and drop-off areas (the hack line) from chaotic, traffic-filled 59th Street to three locations inside car-free Central Park. 
The horse hack line will be permanently moved on February 15th. The day after Valentine's Day hundreds of lives of carriage horses will get a little better! There is much more work to be done to help protect the suffering carriage horses, but this move will provide much-needed relief for the horses from the constant traffic, car exhaust, noise and construction on 59th Street. Central Park is also cooler and provides more protection from trees from the elements for the horses. The less time the horses spend in midtown traffic the better, and that's exactly what this move accomplishes. 
This victory for the horses happened because of all of YOU, our supporters, who testified at the October 3rd hearing in support of this move, sent in written testimony, and who have voiced your concern for the horses over the years to our elected officials and City agencies.  We have more work to do, and we will succeed with all of you!
The City took into careful account all of the feedback from the public and modified the rules so that there will now be three hack line locations inside the park instead of five--one at 5th Avenue, one at 6th Avenue and one at 7th Avenue. You can read the final DOT rules here. 
NYCLASS is grateful to the NYC Department of Transportation, the NYC Department of Health and the many NYC Council Members and other elected officials who all supported this positive change for the carriage horses. 
NYCLASS is committed to making 2019 a year of great progress for NYC carriage horses, shelter animals and so much more!  We can only continue our important to work to make New York more humane for all, four-legged and two-legged, with your continued support. 
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