Future Care of Carriage Horses in Doubt After Chateau Stable Closing

Future Care of Carriage Horses in Doubt After Chateau Stable Closing; NYCLASS Presses for Answers

Statement from Edita Birnkrant, Executive Director

“12 carriage horses have an uncertain fate now that Chateau Stable is closing, and no system is in place to ensure they are treated properly after years – if not decades – of pounding the pavement. In fact, New York City does not even have laws in place to ensure the horses are not sold to third parties who can sell the horses for slaughter. That’s disgraceful.

“These horses have endured horrid living and working conditions including pulling carriages through midtown traffic, being stored in tiny stalls, and lacking any opportunity to move freely. They deserve a mandatory humane retirement policy consistent with the current NYPD Mounted Unit laws. We call on the City Council and Mayor to pass such a bill immediately so that all carriage horses receive the protections they deserve instead of being at risk of ending their lives in a slaughterhouse. NYCLASS is willing to help place any carriage horses from Chateau that need permanent homes through our network of sanctuaries and rescue organizations.”




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