Frightening Image

If nothing else, the image below should frighten you.

Taken by a local advocate on Sunday afternoon, the busiest time for the carriage industry, this is a photograph of a spooked carriage horse on the streets of New York City by the famous Plaza Hotel among thousands of tourists and taxis. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, but it is the perfect example of why NYCLASS is determined to get the horses off NYC streets.

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Truly, the last three months have been incredible for our growing organization.

We’ve brought over in 500 new, dues paying members of NYCLASS — complete with some awesome membership cards. We’ve shot past 100,000 petition signers after we literally brought in over 10,000 people last week — hat tip to Miley Cyrus and her family by the way.

But we cannot rest on our accomplishments. We must continue to grow. We must continue to fight for the carriage horses because they cannot fight for themselves. Will you join us?

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Dangerous incidents like these prove that now, more than ever, is the time to retire the NYC carriage horses to loving homes – in the countryside. Too many people and horses have been injured. It’s time to stop the abuse.

Thank you for being a Horse Hero,

Allie Feldman

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