Download Materials

Below you will find various documents that will help you become active in the campaign to get horse carriages of the streets of New York City.

NYCLASS Petition - Print it out and sign up other supporters in your neighborhood or community. *Please scan and email completed petition sheets to [email protected].

Education Packet - Bring these to local events to educate people about the campaign to save NYC carriage horses.

Dear Neighbor Letter - Personalize this and send to your friends and family to educate them about the miserable lives of NYC carriage horses.

Flyers- Post and distribute these in your neighborhood, apartment building and workplace where legally permissible. 

  1. Report Accidents & Abuse
  2. "Don't Fall for this Tourist Trap"
  3. "Spring Is In The Air"
  4. "Support City Council Bill Intro 86"
  5. Winter/Holiday 
  6. "This is NOT Romantic"
  7. "Too Hot To Trot" 
  8. "On Your Wedding Day, Say 'I Don't'..."
  9. "Don't Let Your Trip Turn Tragic" 
  10. "86 the Horses in NYC"