NYCLASS Statement on Dining with Dogs Regulations

The Dining with Dogs Law is a common sense law that allows dogs in outdoor seating areas at restaurants that choose to participate. It allows animal-loving restaurant goers the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of dining with their beloved pets.

The proposed regulations, which include forcing restaurant employees to check licensing tags and construct barriers between dining areas and sidewalks, make it nearly impossible for restaurants to allow dogs on their outdoor patios.  This bill was backed by the restaurant industry, and many eateries want to offer New Yorkers the experience of being able to dine out with their dogs, but the New York City Department of Health is forcing restaurants to turn away potential customers and affecting thousands of New Yorkers who would love to dine with their pets. The law already describes minimum sanitary requirements and it should be left up to the restaurateurs to strengthen their policy if they wish to do so.

We respectfully urge the New York City Department of Health to cut back on the regulations regarding this bill so as to make this an experience all New Yorkers can enjoy without hassle.


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