Carriage Horse Collapse --Nov 27--NYCLASS Statement

Nov 27 Carriage Horse Collapse A Disturbing Reminder of Need To Pass Legislation to Protect Horses

Statement by Edita Birnkrant, Executive Director NYCLASS

We are outraged that yet another New York City carriage horse has dropped on the street today while pulling a carriage. We strongly urge the Health Department to investigate the condition of this horse, and make sure that he or she is not put back out on the streets.  A horrified witness to the horse collapse this afternoon sent us video and photos of the horse in distress and said that the driver and others were 'pulling and dragging' the horse while on the ground, still attached to the carriage, and unable to get the horse back up for several minutes. This latest incident highlights the desperate need for reform legislation to be passed as soon as possible by the City Council. The current conditions carriages horses live and work in is unacceptable--horses are dangerously worked during snowstorms, torrential rain, heatwaves and just last month two horse dropped dead of colic in their tiny stables where they lack any access to pasture or turnout areas.  Horse collapses are all too common as are horses spooking in traffic. The time to pass legislation to help these horses is now--they cannot wait any longer. 

View video of the collapsed horse sent by a witness on the NYCLASS Facebook page here: 

See video of the collapsed horse posted on Twitter by a witness. 

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