Can't Rest

Did you know NYCLASS picked up five pro-animal seats in the City Council? Well, we did!

In five targeted districts, our humane candidates won seats that were previously held by City Council Members who did not give a hoof about animals! That means two things: NYCLASS is revered for our grassroots organizing skills, and passing humane legislation will be much easier next year.

So far, we’ve raised $2,221 toward our $5,000 goal. Every penny will ensure our animal-loving candidates win in November. Can you add $5 or more to the fund now?

For the first time in history, we’re electing a super-majority of support in the City Council -- pro-animal reps who won’t ignore our pleas to retire the carriage horses to loving sanctuaries. But we can't take anything for granted right now. Even though we've offered new jobs to the carriage drivers, they are working overtime to stop us in the City Council – and we've come too far to rest now.

Make your donation of $5 or more to NYCLASS and help us stop the abusive carriage horse industry>>

So chip in just $5 – the equivalent of one cup of coffee! NYCLASS is fueled by small-dollar contributions and every penny will go straight to making sure animals have a paw at the table in City Hall.

Give $5 or more now:

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