CALL TODAY: 114 Dead Horses at NY Tracks Since Last Year!

Did you know that every year, more than $230 million in tax subsides is used to prop up the corrupt and deadly horse racing industry in New York? New Yorkers should be the recipients of these millions, not the 11 privately owned Thoroughbred and harness racing tracks. 114 horses have died on NY tracks since just last January! 

New York Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal has introduced Assembly Bill 8468, which would redirect those subsidies to education and to the residents of New York. She has also introduced Assembly Bill 7745 to end the unfair tax exemptions for the owners of racehorses. A diverse coalition of organizations—including New York Communities for Change, the Alliance for Quality Education, the Human Services Council, LiveOn NY, the Worker Justice Center of New York, PETA, and Safe Streets—supports the bills.

Please call your state assemblymember TODAY and ask them to cosponsor Assembly Bills 8468 and 7745 in the final enacted budget. Here are some talking points:

  • Please cosponsor Assembly Bills 8468 and 7745 to end the horse racing subsidies and tax benefits to wealthy horse owners and redirect the money to education.

  • New York’s 11 Thoroughbred and harness racing tracks have received $230 million every year—without any real return to the state, and massive tax breaks. This is outrageous corporate welfare that must end.

  • Horse racing is a private industry and should not be receiving corporate welfare. Wealthy owners, breeders, and celebrity trainers should fund their own private ventures with their own money.


After you’ve called, you may want to also e-mail your legislator here for added impact.

Thank you for speaking out for abused racehorses!

BREAKING NEWS: The Times Union newspaper just published this damning indictment of the subsidies and corporate welfare propping up horse racing. Read it HERE.

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