BREAKING: Second Carriage Horse Dies in NYC Stable in One Week!

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For Immediate Release
October 25, 2018
Edita Birnkrant

Yesterday, a second New York City carriage horse suffered an agonizing death inside a stable from an illness known to be caused by poor stable conditions, subpar quality food and improper veterinary care. This death, at the Clinton Stables on 52nd Street, is the second such tragedy to occur in the same week. And just like Monday's horrible incident at the 37th Street stables, this horse was then callously carted away by the Department of Sanitation. Are we, as a city, going to tolerate multiple horses dying every week because stable owners are letting these animals suffer in small, cramped conditions with no turnout areas, which can lead to colic - a deadly condition of which both of these horses were afflicted? Or are we going to say 'enough is enough'? These carriage horses need better food and the opportunity to spend time in open spaces. They need immediate veterinary care when they are sick, instead of being neglected and forced to die inhumanely in a tiny stall. If the carriage industry does not begin acting like it's 2018 - instead of 1918 - and and take real steps to protect these animals, then the deadly incidents we have seen this week will continue, and New York will be plagued with the emerging reality that we are a city that will allow animals to suffer without consequence."
NYCLASS representatives will be available for media interviews throughout the day



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