It's happening

Tomorrow, all of our hard work from the last year comes to fruition. Humane voters like you will make history by electing the first ever pro-animal Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and dozens of animal-friendly City Council Members. 

If we show our paw power at the polls tomorrow, we’ll finally be in position to end the abuse of carriage horses and fix our city's animal shelter system. 

Get out and vote Tues, Nov 5! Visit our Humane Voter Election Center to find your polling place, see our endorsements for your district, then forward this to 5 friends.

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NYCLASS endorses Bill de Blasio

Live on television last Tuesday night, both candidates for NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota, pledged to end the inhumane horse carriage industry. For the first time in American history, animal protection is playing a huge role in a major election. This is a momentous milestone for the humane voter movement. 

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Can't Rest

Did you know NYCLASS picked up five pro-animal seats in the City Council? Well, we did!

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Have you met Helen?

Defeating Christine Quinn was one thing, but electing one of NYCLASS' very own members to the City Council? That's amazing – and for Helen Rosenthal, that’s what we did.

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AnimalHeroes.pngNYCLASS has more big victories to announce -- two of our animal hero candidates, Daneek Miller & Paul Vallone, won their City Council primary elections by a recount of just a few hundred votes! 

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Wake up

Last week's carriage horse accident where Chris the carriage horse spooked and flipped over in Columbus Circle traffic was a wake up call that we cannot forget in the upcoming general election for Mayor and City Council. 

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ALERT: Carriage horse FLIPPED over in Manhattan

BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday, a spooked carriage horse named Chris flipped over in Manhattan. The terrified young horse was pinned to the ground and had to be cut from the carriage. Thankfully, the horse is suspended from work pending a vet exam.

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We called voters, we knocked on doors, we donated, we showed up at rallies, we talked to our friends and neighbors. And tonight, we won.

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NYCLASS Releases Candidate Scorecard on Animal Protection Issues

Where do the Mayoral candidates stand on our issues?

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Another accident

Just a few days ago in Salt Lake City, a carriage horse named Jerry collapsed in the heat and died shortly after. Now, imagine if this had happened in NYC -- would Christine Quinn have helped the poor horses? NEIGH! 

That's why we need to elect leaders with the guts to do the right thing. Every major candidate for Mayor except Quinn has pledged to stop this abusive industry. Can you volunteer for voter outreach this weekend?

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