Big News! Are You In?

It’s starting! Yesterday, we launched our first-ever TV campaign questioning how Christine Quinn can waffle on the issues that mean the most to New Yorkers, yet ask for our votes in this year’s mayoral election.

And we aren’t doing it alone – we are thrilled to announce the formation of a coalition of partners dedicated to defeating Quinn’s mayoral bid - New York is Not For Sale 2013.

Watch our coalition’s first TV ad here which aired on MSNBC, NY1 and CNN:

And then tell us that “I'm in! Say Neigh To Quinn!”

We can’t do this without you. Sign up to volunteer for our campaign between now and Election Day.

To end the carriage horse abuse once and for all, we need legislative change, and that means we need elected officials who are friends of the animals. That’s why we’re taking this campaign turn this year.And the reason we are targeting Christine Quinn is obvious. She has blocked all legislation on the horses. She’s blocked legislation requiring fire sprinklers in pet stores and on animal shelter reform. She’s not a friend of the horses – or any New York animals - two legged or four legged.

This coalition is historic. Never before have animal rights advocates come together with organized labor union to swing an election. This is how we make our elected officials stand up and take note. 


Join us! Pledge to volunteer this election cycle to make sure Christine Quinn is NOT the next Mayor – say you’re in NOW! 

Thanks for being a Horse Hero.

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