Celebrates Christine Quinn’s Retirement from Public Office With Special Gifts

(New York, NY) – Today, on the site of the former St. Vincent’s hospital, the political committee New York City is Not for Sale 2013 (NYC Not 4 Sale) hosted a get-out-the-vote-rally and launched its final-push effort to elect Anybody But Christine Quinn for mayor. Volunteers dressed in the now iconic red tee-shirts gathered to celebrate Quinn’s exit from government by bestowing her with retirement gifts including a term-limitless watch, a coach ticket to the Bahamas, and cab fare to the nearest hospital. With only two weeks left until Primary Day, the Anybody But Quinn campaign rallied its robust ground operation and prepared volunteers to hit the streets.

“I am proud to be working with New Yorkers to highlight the various failures of Christine Quinn and the myriad reasons that she is unfit to become our City’s next mayor,” Allie Feldman, Executive Director of NYCLASS, said. “Whether it was overturning term limits, allowing St. Vincent’s hospital to close, or abusing taxpayer money to operate a City Council slush fund, Quinn has repeatedly proven herself a creature of the one percent and deaf to the concerns of working families.

She deserves these gifts—including a term-limitless watch, a coach-class ticket to the Bahamas, and cab fare to the nearest hospital—to recognize her various achievements for wealthy real estate tycoons and corrupt politicians. With only two weeks left until the September 10 Democratic Primary, it is critically important that New Yorkers remember the truth about Quinn and cast their vote for any other candidate.”

“We started this campaign because we wanted to give a voice to those New Yorkers whose concerns, hopes, and aspirations would otherwise go unheard,” Wendy Neu, CEO of Hugo Neu Corporation, said. “We have built a broad coalition of supporters who care deeply about this City and want to ensure that the vulnerable in our society are treated fairly and humanely. We stand for the families struggling to make it, the animals who suffer from cruelty, and the voters who want a government that is open, honest, and transparent. This election is too important for anyone to wait on the sidelines as our future unfolds at the ballot box. We need your help to get out and vote on September 10 in the Democratic Primary for any candidate other than Christine Quinn, and help ensure a brighter New York that can once again be a city for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.”


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