SHUT DOWN New York Live-Animal Slaughter Markets!

(Images of chickens and a lamb from NYC live-animal slaughter markets)


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, New York Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal and state Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda have introduced groundbreaking legislation that would shut down live-animal slaughter markets across New York State; these live-animal markets are perfect breeding grounds for diseases that jump from animals to humans and pose serious public safety risks in spreading future viruses. 

COVID-19 is not the first deadly outbreak that started from trafficking or selling live animals for human consumption - Avian Flu, SARS, and others started in similar ways.  New York City shockingly has over 80 live-animal slaughter markets, most still operating despite the pandemic in crowded neighborhoods; selling live chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, quail, turkeys, pigeons, goats, sheep, cows, rabbits and more for slaughter. 

TMZ recently aired this show detailing that NYCLASS has documented the unsanitary, overcrowded, and grossly inhumane conditions for the animals at these poorly regulated markets that create a perfect storm environment for zoonotic diseases. Feces, blood, and body parts regularly litter the public streets in front of these storefront slaughterhouses, which often just step away from homes, playgrounds, and schools. People forced to walk through these contaminated areas can then track dangerous matter into their homes, on subways and buses, and in schools.

Chickens and other birds are trucked to these markets from factory farms and are then crammed into stacked crates, allowing feces and urine to drop onto animals below. Dead birds are often mixed with live ones in cages.  Animals are usually slaughtered by having their throats slit and are bled out - an agonizing death. Most animals that have escaped or were rescued from these markets and brought to animal sanctuaries were found to be ridden with parasitic and bacterial diseases after veterinary tests. Many of these markets have received extensive violations of law.  We must shut these places down to protect the health and safety of all New Yorkers and put a stop to the horrific cruelty happening inside. 

Please take a moment today to urge your NY Assembly Member and your New York Senator via E-mail to co-sponsor Bill # A. 10399/S. 8291 and shut down dangerous, cruel live-animal markets. It's crucial that they hear directly from YOU, their constituent, to let them know this issue is very important to you!


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