VOTE for NYCLASS Endorsed Candidates in NYC’s Primary Election!

The animals are counting on us to protect them by voting for candidates who support life-saving animal rights legislation! NYCLASS is excited to share our 2021 Primary Election Endorsements for City Council, Borough President, and District Attorney in New York City! All of the candidates we endorse share our values about animal rights being an important part of social justice and a more compassionate, fair society for all. NYCLASS proudly supports these candidates who champion animal rights legislation that protects all animals - from pets, animals used for food and profit, to wildlife - and who will fight to end rampant carriage horse abuse in New York City.

VOTE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS: Primary Election day is Tuesday, June 22, 2021 and polls will be open 6am to 9pm. Find your Election Day poll site HERE. We can only continue making history for animals in NYC if we elect pro-animal rights candidates into office. We are counting on you to VOTE for these compassionate candidates, and to encourage your friends and family to do the same! Learn more about ranked-choice voting here. 

Many of our supports have asked us who we are endorsing for Mayor. NYCLASS is not endorsing a candidate for Mayor, but we are strongly urging our supporters to NOT support the candidate for Mayor who ranked WORST for animal rights - Andrew Yang. The New York Daily News published this powerful Op-Ed  written by NYCLASS co-founders Wendy Neu and Steve Nislick titled "Remember the horses: Andrew Yang's animal-rights problem." 


  • Manhattan Borough President - Mark Levine
  • Brooklyn Borough President - Antonio Reynoso
  • Bronx Borough President - Fernando Cabrera


  • Manhattan District Attorney - Eliza Orlins



  • Gigi Li - District 1
  • Carlina Rivera -  District 2 
  • Eric Bottcher - District 3
  • Keith Powers - District 4
  • Kim Moscaritolo - District 5
  • Gale Brewer - District 6 
  • Marti Allen-Cummings -  District 7
  • Kristin Richardson Jordan - District 9


  • Abigail Martin - District 11
  • Ischia Bravo - District 15


  • Tony Avella -  District 19
  • John Choe - District 20 
  • Tiffany Caban - District 22 
  • Moumita Ahmed - District 24 
  • Carolyn Tran - District 25
  • Amit Singh Bagga - District 26 
  • Harold Miller - District 27
  • Aleda Gagarin - District 29
  • Robert Holden - District 30 
  • Jennifer Gutiérrez - District 34


  • Jennifer Gutiérrez - District 34
  • Darma Diaz- District 37
  • Rita Joseph - District 40
  • Justin Brannan - District 43
  • Anthony Beckford - District 45

The animals cannot vote - but YOU can! Vote for the animal rights candidates who pledge to make New York City more humane for all residents - two-legged, four-legged, feathered and finned.

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