Our Statement On Media Reports Regarding NYCLASS

Contact: Michael McKeon 212-681-1380

Statement from Michael McKeon, spokesman for NYCLASS:

"NYCLASS has not heard a word in any way, shape or form from the U.S. Attorney or the Manhattan District Attorney regarding the reported investigation into the mayor’s fundraising efforts. We have absolutely no reason to believe the story is true or accurate, and it’s important to note that today’s media report doesn’t say anything specific as it relates to the government’s alleged examination of NYCLASS. We have seen this type of reporting before: Two years ago, media reports said the FBI was “looking into” NYCLASS. But in the two years since that story ran, we have heard absolutely nothing from the FBI. Zero. So NYCLASS gets dragged through the mud publicly yet again without any reason to believe the story is accurate.

Steve Nislick and Wendy Neu founded NYCLASS because they care about animals. Their only agenda is the proper treatment of abused animals in this city. It’s one they deeply believe in, and will continue to fight for. It’s as simple as that. They have made clear over and over again that they have no interest in anything else, and have stated directly they have no interest in the real estate where the horse stables are currently located. That myth has become fact in some quarters simply because it has been reported over and over again as fact, when it is a lie.

If ever contacted by the US Attorney or the DA, or anyone else in government, NYCLASS intends to answer any and all questions, and fully cooperate. But again, we have not been contacted, and have never been contacted by the FBI, US Attorney or the DA."

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