NYC’s carriage horses need you to raise your voice! 

If you live in the five boroughs of NYC, please call your Council Member today and urge them to actively support the new NYCLASS bill:

Find and contact your Council Member 

This new bill will keep carriage horses out of chaotic Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Lincoln Square. It will also guarantee them a safe retirement, increase stall sizes, and many other commonsense reforms that will drastically improve their conditions. For the first time in over two decades, this bill will "move the needle" drastically in favor of the horses!

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NYC Carriage Horses Need YOUR HELP NOW

Call your Council Member today and urge them to please support the new NYCLASS bill

The current NYCLASS proposal calls for

  • Changing the current law to prevent carriage horses from being sent to slaughter.
  • Mandatory retirement to a sanctuary at a younger age, in alignment with the retirement standards for NYPD Mounted Unit horses.
  • Prohibiting horses from working in Times Square and other chaotic areas of midtown.
  • Increasing stall sizes.
  • Requiring time and space for the horses to move freely, exercise, and socialize.

...and many more reforms to improve the safety and welfare for NYC carriage horses.

Stand up to protect carriage horses!

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