NYCLASS: Get Political For Animals

NYCLASS: Get Political For Animals

We love animals. And we vote.

NYCLASS believes in the power of organizing and mobilizing the animal protection voting bloc to move humane legislation.

NYCLASS is a 501(c)4 non-profit animal advocacy organization committed to ending the inhumane NYC carriage horse industry. NYCLASS advocates for retiring the carriage horses to sanctuary, while modernizing the current industry with a clean and safe alternative to this outdated tradition - the 21st Century Horseless Carriage. Founded in 2008 by a coalition of prominent animal lovers and business leaders, NYCLASS has grown to over 110,000 supporters with activist chapters in all five boroughs.

The existence of horse carriages in Manhattan has been a controversial matter for many years. Horses have been severely injured or killed, while the quality of life and safety of many New Yorkers and tourists have been jeopardized. A coalition of citizen activists and grassroots advocacy organizers has decided to finally take a stand to push for an alternative to the horse carriage industry. In deciding to finally put an end to New York’s horse carriages, NYCLASS studied four main aspects of the industry that are detrimental to the health, safety and sensibility of New Yorkers as well as disadvantageous for the City’s economic base: 1) The industry’s use of horses is clearly inhumane and an impractical remnant of a bygone era 2) The quality of life issues created by the use of horse-drawn carriages 3) The industry’s lack of economic development and revenue enhancing abilities for New York City 4) The use of horse-drawn carriages causes traffic congestion which has a harmful impact on our environment.

Other issues we advocate for:

1) Banning puppy mills
2) Banning the sale of all animals in pet stores, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and reptiles -- unless they come from a rescue or animal shelter.
3) Increasing funding and reforming Animal Care and Control of NYC
4) Building full service animal shelters in the Bronx and Queens
5) Protecting a tenant's right to have a companion animal
6) Funding humane education in public school classrooms
7) Mandating fire sprinklers in pet stores
8) Banning the sale of foie gras
9) Stopping the animals used in entertainment, circuses, and rodeos
10) Protecting urban wildlife geese



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